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Bee Buddies are a dynamic Scottish Charity who specialise in Education about Pollination and Bees. Our tailor made sensory workshop has been designed to be inclusive to all as well as fun and imaginative. All our activities are driven by The Curriculum For Excellence and incorporate lots of Outcomes and Experiences.

Founded in 2017 by Beekeeper Kay Rooney, Bee Buddies has grown from strength to strength. Funding from The Peoples Project, National Lottery Awards For All, The Cooperative, Asda and Bank Of Scotland School for Social Entrepreneurs has allowed investment in the activities that children find fun as well as being Educational.

Kay Rooney is a Natural Beekeeper who is passionate about the Welfare of Honeybees. This means that there is no manipulation of the bees, natural comb is built, no chemical treatments are used and the bees are not robbed of their honey and fed sugar. It’s a Bee-Centred way to keep bees.

Bee Buddies are keen to work with other local Charities such as West Fife Enterprises whose Employability Service User, manufacture the beautiful Warre Hives that Bee Buddies purchase and use, Clear Buckhaven who we have taught 'beekeeping' to 3 of it’s employees and, of course, FEAT who have given us the greatest of support.

Bee Buddies also try and support local businesses and build good community relationships. Our Mobile Training Unit (The Hive) has been designed and manufactured by Leven Campervans. All uniforms and merchandise is designed and manufactured by Colour Print & Design in Kirkcaldy. Our Website and all our printing is completed by Methil Printing Company who have been one of our biggest and generous supporters.

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